Thursday, November 28, 2013


I can't even begin to thank all those who have made this mission a success.  From Gordon Allison who believed in me when nothing existed to Martha McCandless who gave us the money to drill the well and build the first building and who never gave up on us even bringing the whole seventeen members of her family here.  Jerry and Amy Buckingham, Bob and Patrician Harlan, Gary and Marty Lunsford, David and Ginny Poulter, Mike and Sandy Flanagan, and all the members of my own family who have given us encouragement and so much more.  The churches in Green Forest, Arkansas, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Prairie Grove, Winslow, Rogers, Gravette, Hot Springs, Little Rock, and many others in Oklahoma and South Carolina.  Thanks to every person who came here to do mission work and who changed the lives of the people here.  Especially to my mother, my sister, and my cousins who have kept us going.  To my sons, all three of them, who have kept my wife alive when she was so sick in Nairobi, and to all those who read this blog and my Facebook posts.  We couldn't have done much of anything without Shaban, the Muslim, who has dedicated his life to ours and never left my side the times I was in the hospital.  We shared lamb with him this day and he loved it.  He took homemade rolls home with him but he said his son would probably gobble up most of them.  Thanks be to God who called us here and has sustained us.  I know I am leaving people out who should be mentioned, but at 69 years of age, I'm just have impaired memory.  If I left you out, please forgive me but know that you, too, are part of why we are still here and are blessed.  We don't deserve all the friends who have helped us like Chris and Cami Smith in South Carolina, people in Australia, the U.K., and Germany who follow us, support us, and pray for us.  We are truly blessed.  As Tiny Tim in Charles Dicken's "The Christmas Carol" said, "God bless us, every one."
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