Tuesday, October 1, 2013

“No question about it, I just love kids.” ― Me

I don't know if it's because they're mostly orphans and poor, but I do know that the small children who come here every day for St. Caryn Pierce Academy preschool seem to the happiest, most loving children I have ever met.  They show up an hour early--they are so excited about going to school.  We do feed them two cups of hot ujii (porridge) every day but that isn't until after nine, and they start showing up at seven.  This morning a group of them were outside the fence, and Erin (one of our Australian mission team) went over to film them and talk to them (see picture at right).  They loved her and she loved them and that was apparent to everyone.  This wasn't the first day Erin had played with them, held hands, and been surrounded by a huge puddle of small children.  Erin's smile was from within, and every child knew it.  I am going to miss these guys when they are gone--their accents, their smiles, their passion for Christian caring--they have the whole package.
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