Saturday, October 19, 2013

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” ― Charles M. Schulz

You can be happy wherever you are, whatever your circumstances--or you can be miserable just as easily.  We look for things to make us happy, and we have found them here.  Thanks to the internet, John has a huge circle of friends all around the globe with whom he corresponds, chats with live, and who tell each other about things they think the other will like.  John's happiness here doesn't fit well with our time zone, so he stays up rather late and sleeps into the late morning, but it doesn't seem out of place or a hardship for the rest of us.  He gets his jobs done and has his play time as well.   Karen uses the internet to keep in touch with hundreds of friends from former students and teacher friends to new friends she has met on the net and from mission trips.  She frequently shows me wedding and graduation pictures of children she taught when they were five years old, yet they still remember her and keep in touch with her.  She is also in numerous art circles on Google+ and shares lots of outstanding art works.  We all are in touch with our scattered family and can talk on the phone and see in person, live on the computer.  We also love our dogs and our staff, although we worry a lot about their health.  Edina is on her way to the hospital in Mwanza right now, and at 56, she is no longer as young and strong as she used to be.  She has been with us since we first moved here and even helped with the building of our house before we hired her full time.  The picture of me is just one I found of me being happy.  What I have found that keeps me entertained and happy is a Playstation 3 game called NCAA Football 14.  I get to play as the coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks and have to call plays, keep up with recruiting, and stay attuned to how the rest of the SEC is doing.  I can play for three or four hours, but since that ties up the TV set, I am adjusting my time schedule to get up around the time dairy farmers do and play video football until the sun is up and the staff starts arriving.  I am told that older folks like me need to do things to keep their minds active and this certainly does the trick for me.  Unlike the pro football video games, my players graduate and I have to always be on the recruiting trail to find good replacements.  Just as an aside, with me as the coach, we have won three back-to-back national championships over Texas, Alabama, and Notre Dame.  Not just puppies keep me happy.
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