Monday, October 7, 2013

“A child can teach an adult two things: to be happy for no reason, and to always be busy with something.” ― Paulo Coelho

Today is new uniform day for the kids at Santa Caryn Pierce Academy (preschool) here on our grounds.  We didn't get the message across last year that the uniforms belonged to the school and were to be returned at the end of the year.  The kids all kept theirs, and we weren't about to go try to take them back, so this year we made all new uniforms.  Learning from our previous mistake (missionaries make lots of mistakes and I think we've made them all), this year we are renting the uniforms for 2,000 Tsh (about $1.25) for the year.  At the end of the year, if they return them, they get their 2,000 Tsh back.  We can't charge more because those caring for these orphans just can't afford it.  Since the uniforms cost more than 8,000 Tsh to make, we may not get many back--but we can hope.  The kids are so happy they can't stop smiling.  I've written before about how important a uniform is to an orphan or poor child--it means they belong and that someone cares about them.  The uniforms for this school and for three other schools at our churches were all paid for by a generous donation from one of my cousins in Texas (I have about 26 cousins in Texas counting their husbands and wives and many have helped and continue to help support our work here.  Counting children and ex-husbands and ex-wives, the number is closer to eighty).  Their family reunions must be something to behold, but I have always loved the family.  My Uncle Tommy and my Aunt Kitty were always my favorites.  There are more pictures of the kids and the day if you click on the photo at the right it will send you to many more.  If it sends you to Google+, try to get to Picasa Web (should be a link on the page) because Picasa also adds the captions I add with much thought and cleverness which is my own opinion, of course.  Still, I think the captions help.  It took three days to track down some cake mix but Karen made a cake and Howa (the young woman who helps us inside the house) did the icing.  The kids did the eating.  Some days are just gifts from God wrapped in pink ribbon (Caryn Pierce loved pink).  Today was one of those days.  It took a lot out of Karen, but it put much more inside her heart.
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