Thursday, September 26, 2013

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

Our Australian mission team came in tired but happy yesterday and left this morning after a good night's sleep ready to serve once more.  They still have to push the car to get it started, but it does well after that.  They are working on a training facility to teach carpentry so men and boys can learns a trade.  They got the roof on the choo yesterday and will be doing brickwork today, building some walls.  It is impossible not to have our own spirits lifted by theirs--they are so eager to help.  About twenty of the preschool kids showed up today before they left and they were surrounded by children for a while--taking pictures, holding hands, and laughing with a crowd of cute kids.  I think all the visitors have seen how much they can do to help the people here and how much the people appreciate it.  Shaban took the bus to Musoma to get the rest of the cloth for the uniforms at St. Penny's and Pastor Festo is on his way to pick up the material to take back to Karikakari.  Juliana is off today to oversee the repair work on her roof because the rain has been terrible at times washing away whole houses.  We are in the time of the short rains which has come early this year.   I think it's because of global yawning or whatever is changing the weather.  I have breakfast with this mission group because once they leave I don't see them again because they get in so late.  Still, I enjoy it and they haven't run me off yet, so I'll keep doing it.  I love to get to speak English with others even if it's with an Aussie accent.
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