Monday, September 9, 2013

My sister, Penny, is one in a million. -- Me

I am reprinting here my sister's blog from today.  I couldn't have said it any better.

Mom's service yesterday could absolutely have not been more perfect. My nephew, Keith, read a tribute to her written by his father in Africa; I read a poem she wrote in 1975 about how much she loved nature, the last line being, "How great thou art," followed by a woman singing "How Great Thou Art; followed by my cousin, Cathy, reading a favorite poem of Mom's. The soloist also sang "His Eye is on the Sparrow," which Mom had requested in 2008.  The pastor's message was almost entirely about women's leadership roles in the church and how Mom was such a fine example of a leader by teaching her Sunday School class. It was a lovely tribute to a beautiful woman and mother.

I was so happy for all the family members who came... Joe, Mary Jane, and Rob; my niece, Andrea; nephews, David and his fiancée, Lyscha (who we all love), Keith and his family; my Aunt Kitty with my cousins Cathy and Rick, as well as Cathy's friend, Ann; and cousins, Kari and Kay. We all had lunch at home before the service and shared much good food, warm stories, and laughter afterwards.

I was happy to spend time with everyone again today before they all trickled away and back to their homes. I am thoroughly and utterly exhausted and baffled by what to do with all the leftover food brought by such wonderful friends and neighbors. I'll tackle that tomorrow, as well as starting my volunteer work at the elementary school.

My brother, Charles, who is a missionary in Africa, has requested that I continue to blog. I'll have to change the name of it and am open to suggestions. It may or may not be updated daily, but I'll make every attempt to keep it going regularly. Stay posted...
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