Friday, September 6, 2013

“Having a uniform means you belong.” -- Me

I've discussed before how important it is for an orphan or poor child to have a uniform because without one they are looked down on as lower class or substandard people.  We've named the new preschool at the Methodist Church at Karikakari as St. Penny's Academy in honor of my sister.  Now, thanks to a wonderful gift from one of the Lyon's cousins, we are able to buy the cloth and start making the forty uniforms for the school.  The picture at right shows the pastor, Karen, a teacher, Shaban doing translating, and a parent.  Karen and the pastors here are very excited about using Tanzanian cloth and Tanzanian design for the uniforms.  Most of the school use British uniforms because that's what has been here for decades.  Our Methodist preschools will embrace the Tanzanian tradition and the kids love it.  We have done it for Santa Caryn Academy that meets here and the kids and parents love them.  We are having to buy new uniforms this year because we didn't make it clear that they were not gifts but belonged to the school.  We will try to get this right at St. Penny's--where the uniforms are purple because that's Penny's favorite color.  When we get St. Kitty's started in a couple of months, we will use the same design that we are using for St. Penny's, just a different color.  Everyone is so happy.   Karikakari is about 45 kilometers from here and an hour and a half drive over bad roads, so we will make one special trip when the uniforms are all ready and get pictures to post here.  St. Kitty's will be even farther out, but it won't matter to the children.  The main thing is that they get to be special and to belong.  I think we all need that.

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