Thursday, September 12, 2013

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success, worshiping, preaching, evangelizing together will change the face of Chrisitanity in Tanzania. -- Henry Ford and Me

The first worship service starts at 6:00 A.M. to get you ready for breakfast.  I'm sure the neighbors love waking up to the singing.  Today's preacher was Pastor Nyansa from Bunda, our General Secretary, and a part-time teacher at St. Caryn's Academy on our grounds.  He did a great job.  Bishop Monto sat beside me and translated for me.  The big news is that of the fourteen pastors and evangelists who came from our area, eleven are staying and beginning their first year of the Methodist School of Theology.   None of our pastors or evangelists have had the opportunity to go to a Methodist School, so this is a big deal indeed.  They will go for two years, coming home for a seven week break around the first of December and then returning in January until May.  In two years, we will have eleven certified Methodist trained pastors thanks in a large part to a generous gift from a cousin of mine in Texas.  In addition, I am to come back in January to teach for two weeks.  They want me to teach preaching and English grammar.  I think I can handle that.  After the consecration of Bishop ByaMungu as Presiding Bishop, the consecration of the new Bishop of Arusha (with me helping consecrate along with the Anglican Bishop of Arusha) and the ordination of three new pastors, I will move out to Pete O'Neal's for a one day visit which always makes both of us feel better, then home on Saturday.  We have an eight-member Anglican mission team coming from Australia to stay with us for eight days beginning on the twentieth.  In October a cousin, his wife, and six others will be coming for a one-day visit as part of a three-country trip.  We are excited about seeing them.  Then in November, a week in Nansio installing the fifty biosand filters we've been building, and a week long seminar at our facilities about locally grown medicinal plants.  We're working on the uniforms for St. Penny's Academy at Karikakari and will have St. Kitty's preschool started in November at the Muranda church with more uniforms to be designed and made.  Oh, and in December, I have to fly to Dar Es Salaam to renew my American passport.  I will be met at the airport and will be staying with Presiding Bishop Byamungu, the man who brought about our merger and now a good friend.  As you can see, we are keeping busy.

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