Monday, September 2, 2013

“Beauty is the replication and duplication of mind’s delusion. It is not uniqueness or exceptionality; it is the mentality of belonging and fitting in.” ― M.F. Moonzajer

One of the major disadvantages of being an orphan or poor in this society is that even if you can afford to go to school, you cannot afford the uniform.  Attending school here without a uniform is to notify the world that you are a pariah, someone to be excluded, and not worthy of respect or love.  A uniform can change all that, a uniform that costs only about $10, but for the orphans and the poor it might as well as be $10,0000 because they cannot afford it.  The orphans living in extended families watch the biological kids get the uniforms, but the orphans don't get them.  Thanks to some very good friends, and a cousin from the U.S., the kids at Santa Caryn Academy will all have uniforms this year and the next.  This will also be true for the orphans and poor at St. Penny's Academy in Karikakari, and for those at St. Kitty's when we get that started in a couple of months.  You want to see what it means, just check out the picture at the right.  If you go to the following site: you can see pictures of all the girls that got their new hats the other day.  In this society, it is belonging that counts, and going to school and having a uniform is one of the key ways of belonging--of saying that "I am important, too."  The cost is small for the warmth and love it brings and we can't say thank you enough to those who help us buy these uniforms for the orphans and poor who come to our preschools.  Our preschools at our churches are created just for the orphans and poor and there is little that could do more to make them feel loved, accepted, and important than a uniform.  It may seem strange to those in the U.S., but it is one of the most important parts of the society here.  We cannot say thank you enough to those who have helped us supply these uniforms.  Just check out the smile at the right.

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