Sunday, September 15, 2013

“At the beginning was The Word. Today I see That in great quotes.” ― Toba Beta

A great journey has begun.  Two huge groups of Methodists in Tanzania have joined together in spirit and in legal action to begin to expand the Kingdom of God all over the country.  (Clicking on the picture at right will take you to eight other pictures of the week).  Thirteen of our pastors and evangelists will be beginning a two-year seminary education in just one week, and all new evangelists who want to become pastors will be making the same journey.  We have joined hands, hearts, and resources to become a truly powerful force of laborers for Christ in this African land.  It is difficult to explain how significant this is for a new (Methodism only came to Africa in the late 1980's) denomination to suddenly have over 100 churches (many with memberships in the three and four hundreds) and to have them all over the country so that we can travel almost anywhere and help with church planting, spiritual renewal, and help with outdoor crusades.  It would not be surprising if the number of Methodists here doubled in just one or two years.   To have all our evangelists (lay pastors) and pastors trained in a Methodist seminary is an unbelievable joy.  Up to now, the only schools available in our area were pentecostal and Africa Inland Church which did not teach anything about Wesley or personal and social holiness.  The pastors and evangelists here (men and women in our denomination) have been hungry for training and now have the best available.  Thirteen were ready to immediately begin their two-year program and are waiting a week in Arusha for the school to begin (I arranged to feed and house them at the school for that week).  There is a spirit of new beginning for all the churches.  I have never heard so many shouted "yeses" to every proposition put forth to a vote in a annual conference (we call them Synods).  Our two churches have joined in one big "WE WILL!" to God's question, "Who will go for us?" from Isaiah.  There will be new schools at the churches, new orphanages, new clinics, and new life breathed into our movement from the breath of God.  Amen.

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