Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Anyone can learn to operate a sewing machine; it could even be "thrilling" to use the new machine." -- Mr. R. E. Moody

Shaban is in Musoma right now buying four sewing machines that were donated by friends of Karen back in the States.  They will be for widows with children.  Once trained in their use, they will help with uniforms for the preschools and provide income to keep the families in food and clothing.  Our internet provider manager has been in Dar Es Salaam for a few weeks, and when he returned, the guy he left in charge had run off and all the equipment is messed up.  John will be going up there tomorrow (maybe for two days) to try to get everything sorted.  I am confident he will be able to get things back up and running in no time.  We are waiting for our six Australian Anglican missioners to arrive, but as they are coming by car from Dar Es Salaam, they won't be here till late, but we are ready for them.  Got the fridge stocked with sodas, bottled water in all the rooms, and all the food they will need for the breakfasts they will eat with us.  They will eat their lunches on their work sites and will eat their evening meals at the Anglican center here in Bunda.  It is always nice to have people who speak English as their native tongue around for a while.  We're used to their accents because of all the other Aussie missionaries around here.  I hope they have a good and productive visit and will go back and tell others about what we are doing here.  It is also always nice to meet new friends, and we expect them to be just that.  Good on ya, mate!
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