Tuesday, September 3, 2013

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ” ― William James

Even though my mother is dying and my arm is still in a lot of pain from my fall--our work must go on.  Shaban and I drove to Musoma today to cash a check so I could give transportation money to the pastors and evangelists traveling by bus to Arusha next week.  I also had to buy my plane tickets since I don't fit on the bus being the size of three Tanzanians.  We also went to look at a used car a missionary is selling because he is leaving Tanzania.   It is newer, bigger, and much more useful to our mission than the one we have and he is only asking $15,000 for it.  We will sell ours and try to raise the difference because you don't get very many chances to get a good missionary car.  The picture at the right shows the newer one in the front and ours in the background so you can compare our little four cylinder with the bigger six cylinder which is also longer, wider, and can carry more people.  It also has 100,000 miles less on it than ours does.  If it is what God wants for us, things will work out since they are not leaving till mid-December. When we got home, I had a meeting with Pastors Nyansa and Festo about the upcoming Synod meeting, the tee shirts I had bought for the orphans at Santa Caryn's (coming next week, he said), and the uniforms for St. Penny's Academy in Karikakari.  Pastor Festo will be returning on Friday with the seamstress who will make the uniforms now that we have the money to pay for them thanks to a generous cousin.  Karen was in on the meeting outlining the way the uniforms were to be issued, washed, and used.  We're waiting on the vet to give some of the dogs shots and Juliana and Amos are out sick with malaria.  Otherwise, it was just a typical day.  God doesn't always let us know what is coming, but He always seems to give us just what we need to get His work done.

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