Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Thousands have lived without love, not one without water." -- W.H. Auden

We are blessed to a part of a project financed by a Rotary Club in the United Kingdom.  We are building fifty biosand filters for the schools in Nansio which is on an island about 60 kilometers due west of us.  We have the initial funding to begin and are making three a day.  It takes five days for the cement to cure especially since we use a little waterproof concrete in each filter.  When they are all done, we will transport them to Nansio in November where a group from the U.K. is coming to help with the installation.  We will provide training and placement for all of the filters with Shaban spending an entire week there.  We are also looking for beekeepers because the same group coming in November want to establish bee hives on the islands as well.  Even though we have four molds, we are only making three a day because one of the molds needs work we can't afford to make it produce quality filters.  Still, we should easily make our deadline of November 13th.  Shaban is in Musoma today trying to track down bee keepers.  Tomorrow, I fly to Arusha for three days of meetings with other Methodist bishops and church leaders to try to form a union of Methodist churches in Tanzania under the auspices of the World Methodist Council.  I'll spend the weekend hanging out with my old friend Pete Oneal at UAACC before flying back to Mwanza next Monday.  Once I'm back, I've scheduled a meeting with the nun who is taking care of the albino children to see how we can work together.  A lot going on for a group of faith missionaries who took a big financial hit because of the betrayal of a pastor, yet we look forward and not back.  God is calling us to His work, not calling us to whine about our mistakes.  It is lesson I need to learn and hopefully the next week in Arusha will be a healing one.

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