Wednesday, August 14, 2013

“If you have family and friends, you are rich beyond compare.” ― Me

The response to my blog yesterday has been overwhelming, humbling, and healing.  I have several cousins in one family in Houston, Texas, that came through big time--cousins I have not seen in years, yet feel so very close to them.  My own family pitched in as they could, and friends from Arkansas, people who had taught with my wife, and some none of us knew--all responded quickly and from the heart.  The board of The One Book Foundation looks like it will also fill in any gaps left over and give the money necessary to take about fourteen pastors and evangelists to our first joint Synod meeting in September.  We have also received prayers and words of encouragement that have meant just as much from many who had no means to help financially but lifted us emotionally and spiritually.  As an aside, yesterday also set a record for the number of people who read the blog on a single day with over 160 people from all over the world aware of our situation.  There are never words that are adequate to express our thanks, but this response is so affirming that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing here.  We came eight years ago with just two suitcases, a little money, and a lot of faith.  The money multiplied from others and our faith just got stronger and stronger.  Even when I recently suffered the betrayal of a man I trusted and learned that money meant for orphans went into his pocket, at the lowest point of my shaken trust, others reminded me that even Jesus had His Judas and to learn from this but not to let it shake my faith in why we were here.  Then the meeting in Arusha filled my heart with joy and a few days with my very good friend, Pete Oneal proved to be especially healing.  To come home from that high to discover another big blow in the form of cracked cylinder heads (the engine only had 190,000 African dirt road miles on it--I thought it would last forever) that would leave us with the almost impossible task to continue our mission without a car.  God has always provided and still does through family, friends, and foundation boards.  The car is being repaired even as I write this although we will be without it for about a week, but Bunda is not big and we can walk and our staff will get us what we need.  There are also taxis that we can use if necessary.  We are in good hands because we are in your hands--and your hands happen to be the hands of God for us.  Our hearts are very big because there are so many of you in them permanently.  God bless you for blessing us.  We love you all.

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