Friday, July 12, 2013

“Who among us can claim normalcy, Bishop?” ― David Marusek

Normalcy has returned to Bunda, Tanzania.  Karen had an X-ray in Mwanza yesterday but there was no radiologist to read it.  We found one here in Bunda today to discover she has a form of arthritis of the foot which is painful but can be treated.  Shaban is out right now looking for the medication the doctor prescribed.  The Mennonite pastors have left after having a truly meaningful time here and wanting to work together with us in the future.  Bishop Monto came by today prior to a big church meeting tomorrow.  I don't think the words "church" and "politics" should ever be used in the same sentence, but it is something with which we all have to deal.  As usual, I had the usual requests for medical help for a pastor's wife, school fees for a pastor's son, tuition for an advanced degree for our general secretary, rent payment for our local pastor, and a request for a payment on the money we owe the attorney who handled our cases against the Kenyan Church (we won all four).  Still in negotiations on the purchase of the fifty biosand filters, and setting up the weeklong seminar in November on the use of naturally available medicines.    Both schools are back in session the sounds of children fill the air.  The two remaining puppies are still alive and doing well, but one (if it survives) will be a gift to the Mennonite bishop.  I had to deal with some personal issues on the staff, and the car threw a fan belt.  To sum up, things are back to normal here in Africa, but we were so blessed to have had Chris and Brenda with us for a few days.  It was a blessed gift.  Christ never promised an easy path, just an important one.
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