Wednesday, July 31, 2013

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” ― A.A. Milne

The pastor who betrayed me called me this morning to ask for my forgiveness which is a plus I guess, but then he wanted me to continue funding him which I declined.  I think the greatest source of my sorrow is that this was the one project that was the greatest source of my good feelings about what we are doing here.  Of course, we are actually doing so much good in so many areas that I shouldn't have felt that strongly about this one, but over 90% of all the money I gave him came from our pockets.  At least I didn't get too many others involved, yet some made desks for them, some contributed uniforms, and others some money, so it did hurt more than just me.  I have since discovered that there is a new orphanage here in Bunda that needs help, so Shaban is going to do some detective work to find out what's what and then Karen and I will go see for ourselves.  I really do want to be able to feed the children, especially the orphans (there are so many), but this time we will be doing much better oversight and will possibly even purchase the food rather than give the money to the agency.  I will get this right.  We are still feeding almost 100 orphans and poor children every day but that's a lot less than the 250 I have been bragging about.  Perhaps my bragging was my downfall.  I will be a better missionary after this, so lessons have been learned but I am still hurting.  The vet who takes care of our dogs is coming by to see about taking one of the female puppies today.  The biggest female puppy, Sophia, is part of our family now, so she is staying.  The only male puppy is not doing well, so God will decide about that one.  We plan to spay the females and get out of the puppy business since we don't do it very well.  So many wonderful people responded to my request for money for our trip to Arusha to consolidate the many Methodist groups in Tanzania that we have bought our ticket and will be going to Arusha next week for three days of meetings which I pray will be successful and good for Methodism in Tanzania.  After the meetings are over, I plan to go out to stay with my good friend, Pete Oneal for a couple of days and fly back to Mwanza on Monday the 12th, but this is Africa, so things may change.  In the meantime, maybe I can contribute something positive to the growth of Christianity here.  That would be a good thing, I think.  Thank you all who contributed so quickly who are allowing us to be a part of this meeting.  I'm still sorry I had to ask the way I did, but I am so gratified by the support and prayers we received from those I asked.  I guess God's not finished with me yet.  Now, I start saving money to travel to Dar Es Salaam in December to renew my passport.  What would cost me about $150 in the U.S. will cost almost $2,000 here, but we are in Africa after all, and I think I probably should have a current passport to keep from being deported.  I don't like traveling to Dar Es Salaam, but they won't come to Bunda, so . . . 

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