Monday, July 29, 2013

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” ― Corrie ten Boom

Now that the dust has settled from a rather too exciting weekend, it is time to look to the future.  We are beginning work on 50 biosand water filters for the schools in Nansio that must be finished and delivered by mid-November.  These are being sponsored by a Rotary Club from the United Kingdom.  Next week, I travel to Arusha to meet with leaders of  other Methodist churches to form a union of like minds and to present a solid front of Methodist  churches to Tanzania.  We have a seven-day seminar coming in November to teach about local medicines available in our area sponsored by a German charity group.  We are still starting churches and the latest needs our help to get fully established right here in Bunda.  Of course, our pre-schools and the English school will continue to need our assistance and direction and we will be using the new kitchen to cook the food for the kids.  We just got our six returning scholarship students to Bunda Teachers College sorted out and tuition paid for and are awaiting the arrival of the newest four next month.  John is still working on the online store for the vocational school in Musoma and is continuing to help with special internet projects.  I will be doing much more work with the albino children under the direction of Sister Marie who will be coming here right after I get back from Arusha to start planning our help for those who are orphans and those whose families have rejected them.  It is still our goal to put preschools at each of our churches, so Karen will continue to work on that project.  It is hoped that our residence permit hassles will be sorted by next week, and we will have two more years before we have to deal with that again.  John's doesn't expire until early next year, but we have that hanging out there waiting.  I will need to travel to Dar Es Salaam in December or January to renew my American passport at the U.S. Embassy there.  Other than that, us old retirees in our seventies just sit around and knit and try to figure out how to raise the money to keep our mission going.

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