Saturday, July 27, 2013

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” ― William Shakespeare

An arrest was made but it wasn't me.  It was the lay pastor who had been stealing money meant for food for orphans, and money meant to help the albino children.  Even worse, he was using my name to solicit funds from the U.S. under the name which is a bogus name and has nothing to do with me.  He stole money from the church, from God, and he stole my good name.  I will testify against him in court and he will go to prison but the money he stole is gone for good.  My heart is broken because a man I thought was of God was of Greed.  The good thing that came from this is that we will be working much more closely with the nun who is running the program to help the albino children.  She asked my forgiveness for her not being more suspicious, but I was the real fool.  He rounded up stray children whenever we went to see the school, but none of them were students.  He worked hard to fool many people including some in the government of Lamadi, so he will be in prison for a long time.  I can embrace the quote above, but I need to learn to trust even fewer.  I do love all, and I do wrong to none, but the people who hurt me and our mission the most have all been pastors and bishops.  I know that there are bad people everywhere, but it hurts so bad when they do their evil using the name of God--and in this case using mine as well.  We will still feed almost a hundred orphans and albino children every day, but for today, the joy has vanished.  I ask the forgiveness of all who trusted me to be a better steward of their gifts.  I learned a hard lesson today and for the rest of my years will bear the emotional scar.  Thank you for your prayers--they were heard and God acted.

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