Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"I know enough to know that I thank God for the precious gift of my three sons." -- Martha Gellhorn

About the only thing that could make me happier would be for my son Keith, his wife, Adriel, and my grandchildren, Laura, Karen, and David to be here.  Now that would be paradise on earth.  Sadly, geography and very expensive plane tickets get in the way, but they are here with us in spirit and we talk about them and look at pictures of them every day.  There are no stories about two sons that don't include the third.  An old Bedouin was asked which of his three sons he loved the most.  He replied the youngest till he's old, the sickest till he's well, and the farthest away until he's home.  He spoke the truth.  It is my sons who make me who I am and my youngest, Keith, will be 34 years old on Friday.  I can't be with him physically, but he is in my heart and will see that he gets his gift on time.  We did have some other happy news.  A Rotary Club in England has ordered 50 biosand filters for the schools on an island about 50 miles from here, and we start building them today.  If these work out, there will be more which means less cholera and cleaner, safer drinking water for almost 2,000 people.  That's good news indeed.  God is good--all the time.
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