Saturday, July 6, 2013

“Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.” ― Jack Layton

Most people don't know how blessed they are to be surrounded with family--and by surrounded, I mean in the same country and separated only by a few hours either by driving or flying.  We are so remote that contact with family is rare and special and wonderful.  We frequently go several years without the physical love and touch of family to sustain us.  We are not unique--many missionaries have made this same sacrifice, and they know what joy it is just to hug, maybe too hard or too long, but a hug can linger for years when other things have fallen by the wayside.  Recently, I've had some trouble communicating with family because it had to be done over the internet and I couldn't see the other's faces and know whether I was being understood or was actually causing pain.  We are always so glad to be physically present with our families.  I got to share that with my family earlier this year, but it was just me, so I am so very pleased that Karen and John will get to hug, touch, laugh, and sometimes just roll their eyes to convey meaning.   Most of our communication is non-verbal anyway, so it hurts me when I fail to say what I mean.  We intend to do a lot of hugging, kissing, touching, and smiling at each other.  Those of you who don't share our geographic problems need to love more and forgive much.  Thank God for the safe journey of my family.
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