Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. -- Will Rogers

Just as our mission here was loosely based on the buildings and arrangement at Pete Oneal's in Arusha (UAACC) where many of our visitors have spent the night, so the new Mennonite mission at Mugumu in the Serengeti will be based on Maisha Na Maji.  I met Bishop Ndege (picture at right) for the first time when I was consecrated as bishop, but we had much in common and have remained friends.  When he wanted a place for his pastors to spend two days in fasting and prayer, he insisted it be here at Maisha Na Maji.  At the end of their stay, the pastors all told me they knew that God was here and the Spirit was strong.  They understood why Bishop Ndege wanted them to come here.  I am sharing the architect's drawings for the main assembly building and the guest cottages with him as he wants to duplicate them out in the  Serengeti.  He is dividing the diocese into a Musoma area base and a Bunda/Serengeti base.  He will operate out of the Bunda/Serengeti office and has invited me both to attend the inauguration of the new mission and also to help him plan it and to teach and consult with him.  Denominations work closely together here (I think it's what Christ would have wanted) and Methodists and Mennonites are closely related in Tanzania.  I did promise him a puppy (if it survives) and he stopped by yesterday just to check on the little tyke.  He thinks that together we can make some significant changes to the growth of Christianity here.  I am more than willing to work with him as he is as true a man of God as I have met here.  All God asks of us is that we be available and obedient and at least I am that.  I never know where God is leading, but I am smart enough to follow when all the signs are there.  

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