Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” ― Emma Goldman

When we are growing up, we frequently want to be rich--thinking that that will solve all of our problems.  Of course it doesn't and it gives you a whole lot of new problems.  I have been around the very rich and don't remember any of them who seemed very happy, and I certainly never wanted to a part of that section of society.  My grandmother once came to visit us when we lived in L.A. and I took her to Beverly Hills to show her the mansions there.  I told her we were seeing where the rich people lived.  She told me that we were not seeing rich people--we were just seeing moneyed people.  There was a real difference she said because she was rich but not moneyed.  There's a whole lot of truth there.  My wife has always said that when she was a girl that rich meant that you had fresh flowers on the table every day and fresh squeezed orange juice in the fridge.  Well, we don't have much money now and what we do have we give away, but we have fresh flowers in the house every day--from our own garden.  We also have fresh squeezed orange juice from local oranges in the fridge.  We are rich in so many ways, but not moneyed as my grandmother called it.  I prefer to find my wealth in the beauty of nature, in the warmth of friends and family, in being a member of the family of God, and in doing the work we have been called to do.  Priceless things are smiles on the faces of children as they learn, seeing the smiles on albino children as we hand them sunglasses, seeing the smiles of the faces of little orphans as we hand them cups of hot porridge, and hearing them singing and laughing in spite of the poverty in which they live.  True treasures are in heaven where things do not rust nor thieves break in and steal.  I read that in a book once.  It's true. 

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