Friday, June 14, 2013

Quote of the Day: “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'  He chortled in his joy." ― Lewis Carroll "Jaberwocky"

Hooray!  We have internet back after a four-day absence.  Usually, it's not so bad because it is only gone for a day or so and we can usually use our phones to connect, but this time because so many people were affected, the phones were overworked and so slow that I was only able to connect of Facebook once and while I could occasionally get to my blog site, it would not let me post anything.  Happily, as my grandmother used to say, "No storm lasts forever."  That one saying has gotten me through some pretty tough times in my life.  This one wasn't so tough, but it sure upset my wife, and I really missed being able to blog every day.  I had no idea how therapeutic this has been.  Well, while we have been gone, I have counseled one of our new pastors about how to live his life (he came to me), counseled a neighbor whose wife of 52 years just had surgery on her neck.  He needed help getting her out of the hospital.  Here, the gates are guarded and if you can't prove you have paid your bill, you cannot leave the hospital grounds--pretty effective.  I was able to help, and he was very happy.  In fact, he told me that I was not his friend--I was his brother.  High praise from a Tanzanian.  We got a request for more Swahili Bibles, but we don't have any more at present.  One pastor needed help to pay for his fare to Sangarema for the funeral of his uncle, and we helped him.  And so it goes.  I truly believe that the only real things we leave behind in this world are the things we do for others, especially for those who cannot do anything for us.  Therefore, it is easy to give away money I was going to spend on diet sodas for myself to help my neighbor.  Besides, at my age what kind of things do I really need for myself?  I would be a little upset if I couldn't play DVDs or the occasional video game, and I found out the hard way how much I didn't like not having internet, but in the great grand scheme of things--who cares?  
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