Monday, June 3, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “If it's broken, it will take a fundi to fix it.” ― Me  ("fundi" is Swahili for craftsman or mechanic)

In the U.S., we always had spring cleaning.  Here, after the rainy season, it is time to repaint and fix things.  The thatch on the roof always needs repairing after the monsoon-like rains are over.  Many of the exterior walls also need to be repainted as the driven rain can take the paint off.  So, our Sukuma (one of the 120 tribes in Tanzania) thatcher is hard at work.  He had to wait until June to get the good grasses he uses for thatching.  Today, we had our one, good electrician in to replace the hot water heater.  I love this guy because he's Catholic and always crosses himself before he flips the switch to see if he has wired things properly.  So far, he always has.  He spent three hours here taking down the old, broken hot water heater (the element had burned up) and installing the new one.  He charged us $20 for his work.  I suspect it would have cost us a bit more in the States, but the main thing is that now we are getting hot water again.  It's funny how many things we take for granted until they are not available.  Hot water is like that.  We are all very thankful that we have it again.  Oh, I forgot to say that our Australian missionary friend, Samantha Archer, walked over yesterday afternoon with four of her five children to bring Karen a cake for her birthday.  They are such wonderful people, and we are blessed to have them as friends.
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