Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “There is nothing routine about routine--in Africa.” ― Me

Shaban and I made a quick run to Musoma today for some routine things, as if anything here is ever routine.  Stopped by the Coptic Hospital to be told that my migraine headaches can't be cured by anything they've got and that my shoulder pain is from tendonitis and needs exercises.  So much for quick fixes.  Got the money for the month from the bank which is always a relief because it meant the wire transfer went without a hitch.  Delivered two biosand water filters to a woman whose house was off the beaten path.  In fact, we were actually driving down the beaten path to get to it--not a road, just a narrow foot path that wound through . . . well, I don't where it wound through but we finally got to her house.  She is taking them to Dodoma (our capitol) and Dar Es Salaam and says we will have a lot more business from her.  Hope that's true.  Found some new oven mitts and hot pad holders which are rare.  Did some wazungu shopping for canned chick peas, sugar free cookies, and other good stuff liked sliced dill pickles.  Also, dropped by the Rehema Cafe to buy some big brownies hot from the oven to take to my honey, who likes them a lot.  The Rehema Cafe is a project of Australian missionaries to help a woman's group in Musoma, so we like to patronize it whenever we can, but it is only open Thursday through Saturday.  Also went by and paid Social Security for our workers and paid for our internet for this month.  I could have deducted a few days for it being out, but it wasn't the fault of the local provider, so . . . We did manage to kill the A/C in the car once again, but TIA (this is Africa), so these things happen.  Managed to do all this and get back home by two in the afternoon which is pretty good.   Karen had a local woman drop by a sample of a new shirt for the kids at Santa Caryn's Academy.  If we buy them, I will post a picture tomorrow.  Another routine day.

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