Sunday, June 9, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ― John Bunyan

John Bunyan was a 16th century writer who wrote "Pilgrims Progress" and my favorite piece, "Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners."  I strongly identify with the latter.  Some of us spend every day helping someone who can never repay us.  Some of us spend a few days to a week or two doing the same, and most of us spend all of our time just helping ourselves--sometimes while hurting others.  There are needs to be met all over the world and many in your own backyard.  There is nothing special or exotic about helping the people of Africa.  They are hurting and have needs like everyone else.  The difference is that their government not only doesn't help them, but in many cases, makes their lives worse.  Another difference is that they don't have the resources to help themselves, as so many others in developed countries do.  Here, we need to deal with malnutrition, deaths by malaria and AIDS, poverty, poor education possibilities, and poor health care.  You can provide much of this, but it requires you to spend your money on a people far away who cannot thank you.  It requires you to come help, if you can.  It requires you to help and support those who are on the ground here helping as much as we can.  Basically, it requires you to be obedient and available to Christ our Lord who has asked you if you have fed the hungry, clothed the naked, cared for the sick, and visited those in prison (Matthew 15).  If you are doing those things, God blesses you and will continue to bless you.  If you are not doing those things, we will help you if you will support us with your prayers, gifts, and physical presence.  Help us help the children of God who cannot help themselves.  All who do are blessed now and forever.  You can help us by sending your support to the One Book Foundation, 1910 Old Wire Road, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 72703.  Have a truly blessed day.
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