Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quote of the Day: “Be faithful to that which exists within yourself.” ― André Gide

Self esteem is something that we try to build here every day within every child.  It's not as hard as you might expect.  These kids don't know that there is anything wrong.  Oh, they know that they don't get the best clothes, but they have place to live and food to eat and that, to them, is quite enough.  There are no rich kids around riding their new bicycles or playing with their video games.  There are only other kids like them, some with newer clothes, but no one with all the stuff that Western kids have, so they don't miss it.  Uniforms for schools help, too.  When they are in school, they are all equal, they all wear their school colors and everyone helps clean the school.  There are no cliques of popular kids--no designations as dopers, ropers, jocks, or nerds--there are only children trying to learn.  They are proud that they are going to school since it isn't free and almost every parent sacrifices to see that they can get an education.  We are going another step further in that Karen has designed uniforms that are Tanzanian and not British.  The kids are not only proud of their school but proud of their country and culture as well.  In addition, we have found a source of shirts for the two days a week that their uniforms are being washed and dried.  A picture is at right.  We are supplying these to the kids and to the adults who teach and cook for them.  Seeing the adults wearing the same shirts just makes the kid's shirts even more special.  And all this for about $3.00 a shirt.  Talk about bang for your buck, this is truly special.  More pictures when all the kids have theirs.  All we have now is the sample, but doesn't it look good?
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