Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quote of the Day: “They also serve who only stand and wait." ― John Milton
A Day in the Life of a Missionary:  Was awakened early (before seven) by the sound of the puppy fighting with a sack on our back porch (puppy won).  Got up, dressed, and got stuff ready for John and Shaban who were going to Musoma early today.  Got them off and took Karen's medicine into her with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice which pleased her.  Then, ran a hot bath for her and brought a couple of buckets of hot water from the other bathroom to help get the water hotter, so she could soak and relieve some of her back pain.  Next, dealt with the problem of the propane running out for the cooker we use to prepare food for the orphans and students.  Got that sorted and took a blanket out to the isolation area where one of our dogs is expecting puppies any time now.  The mama dog has beautiful markings, and we hope the pups will, too.  After that, checked the internet and responded to emails and read the news from around the world.  Checked Facebook to see what my friends are doing as well as Google+.  Discussed with Howa (in Swahili--she knows no English) what we needed from the market, gave her the money to buy the things, and sent her on her way.  She will be gone an hour or two.  Then, with some time on my hands, sat down and listened to classical music while I reread a Robert B. Parker "Spenser" novel.  I just love the dialogue and since it's about Boston where I went to seminary, I love knowing where the action is happening.  For a personal treat, I walked out to the pre-school and got to hear "Good Morning, Sir!" shouted by thirty little kids.  It always makes me smile to see them so proud to be using English.  Next, back to work on the annual report for our contributors and board members.  With this one, we are going back to the beginning to include things that we have done years ago that were a one-time thing but significant nonetheless.  A request suddenly arrived for eleven Swahili Bibles for Muranda and Lamadi, and I was able to give them the eleven, but we are now down to just three.  When we get more funds from the U.S., we will get more Bibles.  John and Shaban will be back around four in the afternoon, and we will deal with whatever their day has turned up.  Juliana is still out--going to her son's mother-in-law's death in Mwanza.  Edina was supposed to be back yesterday after spending a week dealing with another death far away, but she got malaria and can't travel just yet.  Finished doing the payroll and getting everyone paid for this pay period.  After dinner, we will watch some DVD's of British comedy and then to bed.  Not very exciting, but it's what I do.

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