Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quote of the Day:   You gotta love little kids.  You just gotta!  -- Me

Karen is better today, but still has a couple of days to go.  The medicine works well if it isn't phony stuff--we know we get the real thing when we get it from the Coptic Hospital which is what we did.  Busy day today as 42 new Bibles in Swahili arrived (all we could afford at the increased rates), the vet came (more on that later), repairs continued on the guest cottages, Edina went home sick, and we had lots of little visitors today.  About twenty of the orphans from St. Wiggins in Lamadi came here today to take a test with the kids from St. Caryn's (see picture at right).  I love being with them and they love showing off the English they have learned.  They shout when I come in, "Good Morning, Sir!" and then break into about three songs that they know well.  The kids from St. Wiggins started singing the butterfly song and since the St. Caryn's kids know that one, too, it was the battle of the tiny choirs for a while.  What a joy!  The vet came because the puppy had been crippled and we thought was going to have to be put down.  Her back legs were paralyzed and she was in a lot of pain.  The vet said he thought it was an infection and gave her an injection of antibiotics.  A few days later, she was up and limping around.  Her back legs are still wobbly, but she is out of pain.  When the vet came by today to give her another injection of antibiotics, he said he thought she might make a full recovery.  We are ready for whatever happens.  Karen was ready to have her put down, then she was going to make some back wheels for her legs, and now thinks maybe she should be the one indoor dog.  We will see.  If she can run with the big dogs, she will not be happy inside.  I was sure she wouldn't make it, but I've been wrong several times just today.  I'll let things rest in the hands of God, instead of mine.  I think that's better.

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