Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quote of the Day:   Multitasking?  I can't even do two things at once.  I can't even do one thing at once. --  Helena Bonham Carter

Shaban, Karen, and I went to Mwanza today which is a two and a half hour drive that costs almost $100 in diesel--not because it's so far but because diesel is about $8.00 a gallon.  Since it costs so much, we try to squeeze as many things as we can into one trip.  Karen got her hair done at the New Mwanza Hotel beauty salon (she looks great--see picture at right), had a pizza at the nearby vegetarian pizza place, and hunted for pink kangas for uniforms for St. Caryn Pierce Academy.  While she was doing this, Shaban managed to get the right front wheel bearing replaced and the car lubed.  I was having physical therapy on my back and shoulder (painful but worth it), searching for some walkie-talkies for the mission (didn't find any), and shopping at the wazungu (non-African) store for bacon, cereal, skim milk, and stumbled across a sugar-cured ham.  There was only one ham, and we have only had two hams in the eight years since we've been here, so I had to buy it even though it was $50.00.  Divide the three hams into the eight years we've been here and they are not so expensive.  Left this morning around eight thirty and go back around five this afternoon.  We got caught in a speed trap with one of the brand new radar guns the Tanzanian police now have.  Shaban was driving 57 kph in a 50 kph zone (unmarked, of course) and the fine was $20.00, payable on the spot.  It didn't cool Shaban's anger to be told that everyone in the U.S. has been caught at least once in a speed trap.  It is just new to Tanzania and not one of the multitasks we had prepared for.  It's always something.

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