Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quote of the Day:   It's always something.  -- Gilda Radner (when she was diagnosed with the cancer that killed her)

John and Karen went to Musoma today.  John is working on a project to set up an online store that Tanzanians can use.  Karen didn't feel well and the doctor had asked her to come back this week, so he could check up on how she was doing.  Turned out, Karen has malaria.  She told me this morning that she didn't feel like going, but I made her go and glad that I did.  We have good medication to get rid of malaria but it doesn't make the symptoms go away, so she will be a very sick baby for the next three days or so.  I am monitoring her medications and Juliana is seeing to her nutrition needs.  John has closed himself up in his room for the next three days because he is under a deadline to get this store up and running or they will lose the money they used to set it up.  Me, I will just be doing the usual mission things.  Shaban and I are working on getting both guest cottages back to normal after the bee infestation, like replacing ceiling tiles and repainting.  I am also getting more Bibles and trying to get three more bicycles in the hands of three new evangelists.  God's work continues here in equatorial Africa as elsewhere.  You probably didn't hear about it, but a bomb was set off in the new Catholic Church in Arusha, killing three and wounding almost 60 people.  The envoy from the Vatican was here.  They have arrested four Saudi's in connection with the blast, but that is all we know for now.  It is always something, but God is always here. 

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