Monday, May 13, 2013

Quote of the Day:   I don't really think about doing something kind, I think there's just a way to conduct your daily life with compassion to other people. -- Kat Dennings 

Daily life is inescapable.  It is what all of us do to get to the high points or exciting things looming in the future, but what happens every day is much more important than the things that get written up in the newspapers and recorded on television.  It is in your daily life that you become who you really are.  If you are compassionate and kind, peace loving and friendly, caring and considerate--everyone will know that you are those things by how you conduct yourself every day in your relations with family, friends, neighbors, workers, co-workers, strangers, and people you meet.  In Tanzania, much is made of greetings and good-byes, for that is how you establish whether or not you care about someone else.  You don't just say "hello", you ask them how their morning is, or afternoon, or evening.  You ask, "How are things?"  If someone asks how you are, you ask how they are.  It is a ritual that is based on caring and concern for those around you.  I like it.  There are no quick "hi's" as you pass someone.  You have to stand and talk.  You also have to say good-bye and wish someone a good day, a good journey, a good evening, or a good night's rest.  Every member of our staff comes to greet us every day and to say good-bye when they leave.  It is not as I remember our life in the States, but I really like it.  How we deal with each other is truly who we are and how others see us.  There is a really deep lesson there, and one I have learned since living here.  We are accountable to each other all the time, every day.  Do not ask for whom the bell tolls . . .
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