Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quote of the Day:   "Good habits are not made on birthdays, nor Christian character at the New Year. The workshop of character is everyday life. The uneventful and commonplace hour is where the battle is lost or won." --  Maltbie Davenport 

Everyday life for me today.  Drove to Musoma (an hour north) with Shaban to cash a check, pay social security for all our workers, pay our internet provider, look for tires, and shop for stuff at the wazungu (non-African) stores.  The road north is dirt and bumpy for the first ten miles which means lots of dust as the rainy season is now over.  After that, it's twenty miles of well paved road (done by the Chinese) and then ten miles of very badly paved road full of potholes, speed bumps, and patches that haven't been paved in years, so it takes a little over an hour to drive the forty miles necessary to get to our bank and other services that are only available in Musoma, like social security and immigration.  I was able to have a nice lunch at the Peninsula Hotel of chicken and chips (fries to you) for about $3.00.  Got back home around two in the afternoon just in time to say goodbye to the Canadian missionaries who had showed up right after I left.  I didn't know they were coming or I would have made the Musoma trip tomorrow.  Ah well, Sarah said they'd be back, and we may see them at the Missionary Fellowship this Saturday where I will be teaching the Bible lesson.  John and Karen entertained them quite well in my absence as I knew they would.  I just hated to miss them because we don't get too many opportunities to converse in English with friends here.  C'est la vie as they say in France.  Such is life.
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