Monday, May 27, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” ― Plato

They have a saying here in Tanzania, "Hakuna haraka, hakuna matitizo, hakuna vita!"  This means, "no hurry," "no problems," and "no war."  Tanzania is one of the few countries in this world that has never known war.  It's army was only really used once to repel the invasion of Idi Amin Dada in Uganda, and it did that well, but this is truly a peaceful place to live.  That was not true of the U.S. when I was in college in the '60s and beginning my life with my wife and small child because Vietnam was everywhere and everything.  It touched all walks of life whether you were fighting and dying overseas or protesting and in some cases dying at home.  Over 56,000 Americans lost their lives with thousands more wounded and scars across our country that have not yet healed.  I went to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington and was moved to tears.  As my friend and I were both walking back up out of the memorial, we were both in tears.  A German tourist stopped us and asked if we had been in Vietnam.  My friend said, "If you were an American--you were in Vietnam."  He said it well.  It was a different war.  It was unlike WWII, Korea, or the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It scarred and burned in Vietnam and at home.  No family was left untouched.  Movements, songs, protests, government mistakes and poor planning, all contributed to the wrenching apart of our society.  No other war divided generations as this one did.  The pain is still there.  To this day, I cannot watch movies like "Platoon" or others about this war--it is just too painful.  This Memorial Day let us remember the pain and do what we can to bring healing to all the still open wounds.  That is my prayer for this day, "Bring us healing, Lord."

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