Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quote of the Day:   “A typical day in Tanzania is never a typical day.” ― Me

Karen, John, and Shaban went to Musoma (68 kilometers north) today.  Karen needed to see the doctor at the Coptic Hospital to get some medication for a new ailment.  John worked and taught at Juasun, our internet provider.  Shaban paid the monthly installments on our internet, our Social Security payment, and our satellite tv provider.  In addition, he picked up a new propane tank for our stove and worked on getting the parts for a wheel bearing replacement.  Then, the three of them went to the wazungu store and got sugar-free cookies and other stuff only available there and in Mwanza.  I stayed home to pay the teachers at Karen's school, Elihu Ni Uhuru (education is freedom) as it is the last day of the month and tomorrow is a national holiday here (another one that snuck up on me).  Since no one was here and the house was quiet, I played a little video golf (won the Master's) which was very relaxing.  Tomorrow, we have to deal with the bee problem in both of the guest cottages.  We will be paying extra help to get rid of them--again.  When you have more flowers than any other place in Bunda, you get bees--lots of them.  Some well-placed smoke and they will be on their way.  Never boring, here.

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