Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quote of the Day:  The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.  --  Helen Keller 

Started my day with a trip to the eye doctor who is a friend and who has supported our mission in the past.  His name is Nick Banks, and he is a wonderful Christian man.  He last examined my eyes five years ago, so it was time.  I have slow-growing cataracts that I can't do anything about anyway, but I need trifocals and my eyes have gotten worse over the years, so new glasses are required.  I was also able to learn more about macular degeneration which is something my sister has.  It was encouraging to find out there are injections directly into the eyes which can keep the thing at bay.  It is hard to think about my sister slowing losing her sight when I still have mine (cataracts notwithstanding).  He also donated many pairs of glasses for me to take back to the mission to help those with failing sight.  When my new glasses are ready, my daughter-in-law, Adriel, will pick them up and mail them to me.  After the eye doctor, my son picked up the rest of the family so that I and all my grandchildren could go out to lunch at a famous local place in Gentry, Arkansas, called The Wooden Spoon.  It was a delightful lunch with my grandson at my side and one granddaughter directly across from me.  Wonderful kids, if I do say so myself.  After lunch, traveled up to Gravette to pick up some medication for John and myself.  John's had gone from a cost of $80 for a six-month supply to $500 for the same amount.  Bit of a surprise, that.  Still, lakini ndivyo ilivyo (but what can you do), I paid the money and took the medicine which is only available in the U.S.  I did get to visit with the pharmacist who is an old friend and one of his workers who is not only an old friend but also a member of the board of the One Book Foundation and caught her up with the meeting from yesterday.  So, other than the shock of rising medication costs, it was a great day.  Tomorrow, I hope to be able to watch my son play golf while I drive the cart--weather permitting.  This has been a much needed break and rest for me.  Who knew?

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