Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “Home is where you can go and rest and be nothing” ― Marty Rubin

I have traveled from the hustle and bustle of New York City to the laid back, slow pace of Heber Springs, Arkansas.  My sister met me at the airport in Little Rock and drove me the hour or so back to Heber Springs where my mother lives.  My older brother, Joe, and his wife, Mary Jane, were already there.  My other brother, Rob, will come over tomorrow from Memphis and my immediate family will all be together (which just doesn't happen very often) so I am very happy.  We were able to talk like we had only been away a week and to talk about things we can't or shouldn't talk about it outside the family which was also good.  I'll go visit my Mom today in the nursing home, and she may remember me.  If she doesn't, it's no big deal, she is very confused most of the time but has flashes of lucidity.  It is wonderful to have nothing on my schedule for a couple of days but rest and visiting with my brothers and sister.  It is a short visit but may be the last one, so I will cherish it.  Some things defy description especially in their effect on your life, and I suspect this is one of those.  I will just enjoy it.

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