Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “That is all I want in life: for this pain to seem purposeful.” ― Elizabeth Wurtzel

There may be people out there who have never suffered from depression, but if there are, they are very few.  Nothing ever goes exactly according to our plans and health issues can trump almost any other troubles--or joys for that matter.  Mothers frequently suffer from what is called "postpartum depression" which is natural considering that for nine months almost every waking thought has been about having the baby and now it is here, crying and needing feeding and changing quite often.  The excitement has given way to reality and the adjustment is harsh, yet almost all make it through.  The pain of childbirth was purposeful for there is now a new life where there was none.  The pain of depression seems not so purposeful, yet it is something through which we all must work to get on with life.   We all must deal with the reality that comes from the life changes of childbirth, relocation, retirement, loss of a job, aging, sickness, graduation, new jobs, failed expectations--oh, that sounds like "life" doesn't it?  How do we cope?  The people here in Tanzania (and elsewhere) have found that Christianity gives them all that they need to deal with the harshness of poverty and disease that assails them daily.  Christ teaches us that "here" is really only a temporary stop on an eternal journey that ends in His arms.  We are truly "resident aliens" on this planet waiting until our home that is eternal in the heavens opens its doors.  If we understand the "why" of our existence here, we can withstand the most painful "how", or that's how I see it anyway (with thanks to Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor who also sees it that way).   Christ offers hope not sorrow.  Embrace Him.

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