Monday, March 25, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “God is love.” ― Mungu ni napenda.

We had another terrible storm last night with high winds and hail of all things.  While we stayed nice and dry, around 200 houses were destroyed here in Bunda.  Few people outside of Bunda will ever hear of this.  Ten people died and over 200 families are now homeless.  Anywhere in the U.S. or Britain and this would be top news all over the world--but not here.  This doesn't mean that these people are less valuable or important than Americans or British.  It just means that no one knows what all is going on here.  If there were reporters here with camera crews, this would be big news.  My point isn't that there is a double standard about what is reported, it is that there is death and suffering all over that few know about.  We should not just pray for those that we know are suffering--we should pray for all those who suffer everywhere all the time.  The people here are children of our heavenly Father, too.  If we love only those who love us--well, I think Jesus hit the nail on the head with that statement.  We must love everyone, all over the world, who needs God's comfort and healing.  When I was a boy, I would ask God to bless those in my family, those I knew.  Now, I ask for His blessing on all His children wherever they are and however they are suffering.  Please join me.

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