Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “Truth is beauty and beauty truth.” ― John Keats

After a very hard rain, today is just beautiful.  The training seminar is going well and all are happy to be here.  When we first came, people expected to be paid to attend a seminar and to be paid for transportation and housing.  That has finally been undone and now they know that they are lucky to be given these free seminars.  We provide the food and the cook (as opposed to giving them money) and we provide the housing.  They are grateful and happy which is the way it should be.  We are still working on our plan to get a pre-school in place at each of our twenty-five churches.  We have five in place now and are working on a sixth.  In 2003, the Methodist Church in Tanzania had four churches and four hundred members.  Now we have 25 churches and 4,000 members which is pretty good growth for a ten year period.  Even more amazing is that we have no professional clergy--all are volunteers.  The churches help with food but no one gets paid--not even the bishops.  I love it and think it is what Paul intended when he began his missionary journeys.  It's a God thing.

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