Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “Thank God for Our Dogs.” ― Karen, Charles, and John

We use dogs as part of our security here at Maisha Na Maji and have since 2006.  We don't use attack dogs but rather watch dogs.  The difference is that watch dogs just bark at strangers outside the fence and never bite or attack anyone.  However, Tanzanians are almost all terrified of dogs, so they make very good security.  One police commissioner said that just the one big dog (Nietzche) would keep everyone out whether we had a human security guard or not.  We got the first two dogs already trained from some Swiss missionaries who were returning home permanently.  They were Flappy and Socky and both are now deceased, but they gave years of service to us.  Socky just died last month after serving us for seven years.  We added Nietzche (pedigreed German Shepard) as a puppy about five years ago.  So, we had three dogs until Flappy died, but then added Hilde about three years ago (as a puppy).  Each puppy we have added has been trained by the adult dogs here and love the work.  They work all night and sleep all day, but still want to be petted, scratched, bathed, and loved all the time.  Now, we have four dogs again.  Nietzche is the oldest at five years, then Hilde at three years, then Chloe who is just now ten months old, and then Sophia who is not yet four weeks old.  They work and play well together and love everyone.  We still have to walk some of our visitors into the house because of their fear of dogs, but our staff have all learned to love the dogs and to play with them.  Don't know what life would be like here without the dogs and don't care to learn.  Pictures of the puppy, Sophia, are at the right and you can see two more if you click on the one showing.

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