Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “The glass is not only half full, there is more coming.” ― me

It is really hot here as it usually is right before the beginning of the rainy season.  By hot, I mean temperatures in the 90's which are not typical.  I measure how hot the day is by how many cold showers I take and lately it has been at least three a day, but I thank God for our showers.  We got a package from the U.S. today that has an industrial strength three-hole punch for our schools.  What a difference a simple tool like that can make for our educational vision.  John got a video game and he and I also got some prescription medication that is not available here.  Karen has made the one surviving puppy her own.  It's name is Sophia and Karen spends almost as much time with it as its own mother.  She is just uber cute.  Thanks to the package that came today, I now have everything I need for my trip back to the States.  I am excited but not looking forward to the cold as I have become African and find anything below 70 degrees as a reason for a down parka.  I'm sure I will adjust, but I really can't remember that kind of cold.  When I tell the people here about snow and ice, they ask why the Americans still live there.  "Why don't they just run away?" they ask.  Good question.

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