Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “He died, yet He lives--for you and me.” ― Me

I leave tomorrow, so there will be no posts for a couple of days as I travel.  It takes two days of flying to get from here to there.  Still, tomorrow is Easter and I would be remiss if I didn't talk about its significance.  John Wesley, who founded Methodism, had been an Anglican priest for twelve years before he truly  became a Christian after his Aldersgate experience.  It was there he finally realized that Christ had died for him "even me" was how he put it.  I had been a part time pastor for four years and a seminary student for two years when I truly became a Christian as a result of a Walk to Emmaus experience in Rhode Island.  I finally understood that not only had Christ died for me, He had lived for me and had risen for me.  His rising killed death and turned it into a door rather than an end.  Death, for a Christian, is terminal like an airport terminal.  It is just a place where one mode of transportation becomes something new.  When Karen and I left the Dallas/Fort Worth airport terminal, our old life ended and our new life in Tanzania began.  We have never been the same since.  When you finally accept Christ into your heart, you become someone new, someone with a new life.  It will not be a life free of pain or suffering, but it will be a life without an end.  There will be no grave waiting but a shuttle to the airport.  What an incredible gift we have been given, if we will but accept it.  May Easter bring you a renewed faith and a renewed understanding of Christ's sacrifice for you.  God bless you.

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