Sunday, March 17, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “The affectionate lick of a puppy tells you that you are loved.” ― Me

Too many people go through life feeling that they are unloved because they don't receive that love in ways that they understand to mean love.  They believe that God doesn't love them because they can't feel, taste, smell, or touch that love.  They are wrong.  God loves them through the lick of a puppy.  God loves them through the touch of the hand of a child.  God loves them through the grateful smile of one who has received love from you.  God does indeed touch you physically to show you His love.  It is we who do not understand that that is what is happening.  To be loved is to be validated, to be significant, to be worthy of all the good that God can send.  When a child takes your hand, or hugs you, or smiles at you in gratitude, or when a puppy licks you and wags its tail--God is saying, "I love you.  You are mine."  Believe it.  Feel it.  Pass it on.

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