Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quote of the Day:  "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet."  -- Will Rogers

We had a wonderful visit with the new Canadian missionaries, Sam, Saraa, and their three boys, Zachary, Nicholas, and Isaac.  They were returning from a week in Kenya and stayed here overnight and then visited until noon today.  They are such a terrific family and we are blessed that they are here now.  The youngest boy, Isaac, who is twelve, hit it off with John immediately and the two of them played complicated video games all morning.  John will have to learn how to deal with hero worship.  He is already a good role model, so everyone is happy.  John also set up an internet connection for them out in Martha's Place and they were all able to get on and catch up with family and work.  They do not have internet out where they are living just yet so are very happy that John had set them up with a good connection.  They also brought us some frozen chicken breasts from Nairobi which we gratefully received.  Not only would they not accept money from us for the food, but they insisted on donating to our mission.  To make sure we would see them again, we loaned them several DVD's including the first seasons of "House" and "Frasier," so they will be back for more.  It was grand to be able to sit around and discuss theology, mission, and Tanzanian culture from a Westerner's perspective.  We hope to be good friends for many years.  Good friends are treasures indeed and gifts from God.

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