Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quote of the Day:  "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”   -- Mother Theresa

An evangelist (lay pastor) from Musoma came to see me the other day.  His younger brother had had a stroke and was in the hospital here.  Now the evangelist is a rarity at age 74 and going strong and his younger brother is 68 which is worthy of note in a culture where the lifespan usually only lasts 45 years.  Anyway, the evangelist came by because he wanted the money to pay off the hospital, around $150 USD.  I explained that I did not have that much money and could only give him $30.  I also told him I was sorry I couldn't cover everything, but I have so many people needing help that it is just impossible to help them all.  He looked at me, smiling through his tears of gratitude, and told me that God had blessed him with my gift.  He didn't expect me to pay for everything, but he knew that if he came here and asked for my help that I would help however I could.  He explained that knowing you are going to get help just by asking, whatever the amount, is a real blessing.  He grabbed my hands with his hands and said, "God didn't give you enough money to help everyone, but He gave you the heart to help and enough to give a little to all who ask.  That is your blessing--and mine."  I was moved, to say the least.  In the past, in another country, I have had people ask for help and cursed me or stormed away in anger when I couldn't give them all that they wanted.  I believe God spoke to me through this evangelist to let me know that I was doing what He wanted me to be doing and not to worry so much about what I wasn't getting done.  That's the message I got.  Maybe there's a message for you there, too.

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