Friday, February 1, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “Preach every day, if necessary, use words.” ― Francis of Assisi

The roof on Karen's school is leaking.  A close inspection revealed that the contractor used very poor quality metal (to make more profit for him) and even a bird landing on it can cause a hole.  We won't have to reroof at least, but it will take a lot of repair.  Just one more example of greed causing problems for those who can least afford it (the orphans, not us).  We know it's leaking because we had monsoon rains here all last night that didn't end until about eleven this morning.  This is not supposed to be the rainy season but tell that to the rain clouds and the people whose homes are gone because of the flooding just one day's rain causes.  On the up side, Edina's daughter is much better today.  She sent thanks, through her mother, for the medicine we bought her.  It's one thing to have malaria and it's another to not be able to afford the three dollar medicine that will cure it.  I was standing in line one day at the hospital pharmacy at DDH here and the man in front of me couldn't afford to buy malaria medicine for his baby.  I paid for him, and with tears in his eyes, he turned to me and said, "God bless you."  I told him, "You're too late.  God has already blessed me.  He brought me here."  Amen.

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