Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “Every day brings its problems and opportunities.” ― Me

Yesterday was more "problems" and today was more "opportunities."  Shaban, John, and I went to Mwanza today.  We had to get the materials we need to fix the roof on Karen's school.  It leaks because of poor construction materials, but I found a way to rubberize the underside of the metal for about $30 in all.  The trick was finding the stuff to do it and I knew just where to go in Mwanza to get it--and we got it.  We also located the new optometrist who just started working in Mwanza (the only one on this side of Lake Victoria).  John will see him in a couple of weeks and get tested and new glasses which is terrific.  I wanted John to be tested about two months ago but there was no one to do it then.  John thinks God brought the optometrist to Mwanza because I wanted one.  I will let John go on believing this.  We also found the first ever case of diet Coke on this side of Tanzania.  I would have bought several but one was all they had.  John also wanted a special cable for his phone and we found that, too.  We save up stuff we need in Mwanza because it's a four-hour round trip that costs about $100 in diesel, so it's good to find everything we need.  I also got a stainless steel spatula.  Then, since the air-conditioning was out on the car and it was very hot, we ate lunch in an air-conditioned restaurant--fair is fair.  A good day all round especially with a cold shower and an iced diet Coke at the end.  Sipping diet Coke and watching the Super Bowl commercials.  Nice afternoon, especially when two ladies who know me in Mwanza said that my weight loss made me look ten years younger.  It is always nice to be complimented by the ladies.

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