Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “Every day brings its problems and opportunities.” ― Me

John and Shaban are in Musoma today dealing with internet stuff and looking for supplies to repair the roof of the school.  Our Canadian missionary friends are back from Nairobi and our Australian friends are here now as well, so the number of wazungu (non-Africans) in the Bunda area has risen from three to fifteen.  It's a good feeling even if we don't see them every day.  Sometimes, just knowing a friend is at hand is all the security and comfort we need.  The new kitchen is painted and equipped and will be in use next week.  Karen's not yet finished with her mural, but it will be done before long and I will post a picture once it's finished.  It appears that one of our female dogs is pregnant.  We will have no trouble placing the puppies as several people have already asked for them.  The hard part will be giving all of them away and not letting Karen and John keep one.  They just love puppies (well, who doesn't?), but I'm not sure I'm ready for five dogs just yet.  The oldest one is not in good health and may not be with us for more than another year, so maybe after she's gone and we have a second litter of puppies . . .  They should arrive before I leave to go back the States for a couple of weeks, so I should be here for the excitement.

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