Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quote of the Day:  “I can still feel when others are praying for me.” ― Me

A lot can happen in a day.  Turns out my surgery is tomorrow, so we will be leaving around six A.M.  We would leave sooner, but it is not safe or advisable to travel before sunup.  The doctor will be waiting for me.  The whole thing should take about three hours and then four days in the hospital.  A single VIP room goes for $12 a day, just like in the States I'm sure.  John has figured out a way for me to post to my blog from the hospital if I can make both a phone connection and find a way to get electricity in my hospital room.  Pretty sure I will be able to but don't know if I will feel like it or not.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, I am packed and ready.  I have to take my own sheets and make arrangements for food to be brought to me, but Shaban says the food won't be a problem.  Juliana washed and ironed sheets for me to take.  By this time tomorrow, it should be all over except for the shouting.  It is possible for an emergency surgery to bump me from the schedule and then I will have to stay in a hotel tomorrow night and have it done on Friday, but as of now, it is on for tomorrow.  I will be very glad when this is all behind me.  Don't stop praying just yet.

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